1. We are in a similar place right now with how G is sleeping. On a good night anyway, he wakes 2-3 times and feeds twice. He is different though, in that bedsharing doesn’t help him sleep any better. It makes us all sleep worse. I wish it worked for us but it doesn’t 🙁

  2. When we had our first baby we were all prepared with a cradle and a crib. Never used either one 🙂 Although she might have napped in the crib a couple of times. Cosleeping safely in our bed just felt so right, and so much less stressful than anything else, it just worked. I got the most sleep this way. Fast forward to baby #2, we’re still crib free and actually for the past 2 years we’ve had our queen mattress right on the floor and love it. It just feels safe, nobody falls off or gets bruises from the bed. With two kids we now put a twin mattress right next to our queen size and it works well! We love bedtime, it’s special to us!

  3. Sarah

    I am a total believer in the “what works for you” philosophy of sleep. I appreciate that you also highlighted that it’s important that the solution work for mom and dad too – not just baby! What worked for us was breaking the habit of Hazel falling asleep nursing. Truly, once she was able to go to bed on her own (at about 4 months), everything clicked for us. Now she goes in her crib at about 7 PM totally awake and puts herself to sleep after a few minutes of babbling. She had been waking up once at about 4 AM to nurse (and would be well rested enough that she wouldn’t always go back to sleep afterward). I was stressing about when we would cut out that feeding – and that week she just simply dropped it on her own and has never gone back. She finally started sleeping through the night consistently a month ago at about 9 months. Babies sleep through the night when both baby and parents are ready – and that should be the only important timeline.

  4. Ashley

    Ferber took way longer for us to work. A few days of absolute hell and it did start to improve, but it wasn’t a miraculous transformation or anything. It probably took a couple weeks of doing it consistently before she fell asleep on her own with no issue. We did PU/PD first too, it didn’t work either, I didn’t count but it was triple digits the first and only night I tried!

    I know you didn’t ask for my advice, but with my daughter I found she slept better when I increased the cut-offs for her feeds. If she’s eating every 2 hours she can’t be eating much at a time. By gradually increasing the length between feedings both at night and during the day I can tell she now eats more at once, like actual meals instead of snacks. It’s been great for us…so, just my two cents 🙂

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