Edith: Ten Months


*On May 9th, 2013 Edith turned 10months.*

Weight: Around 16 lbs. Unfortunately Edith had a stomach bug for about a week in late April which caused her to loose a few ounces but we are working on getting her weight back up!

Height: Not sure maybe 27-28 inches?

Likes: Reading her books; Edith will sit for long (baby long) periods of time and just flip through her board books.  She is also loving pushing around her little cart full of blocks.  Playing at the water fountain; across the street from us is a beautiful park that has a fountain to play in and Edith is loving it. Yo Gabba Gabba; yes we let Edith watch one episode 3-4 times/week because honestly sometimes mama just needs to get things done around the house or cook meals. Swings; Edith LOVES to swing she gets all excited and squeals with delight.




Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed most of the time. Napping in her crib. Getting into her car seat. Having non-baby friendly things taken away from her (ie. our phones, paper that she is trying to eat, pens).

Sleeping: Sleep like most months has been up and down. I hate to say this because I know I am doomed to jinx myself but we are at a real up right now.  Last night she even slept from 9pm-4am without any wake ups! Now we are fine with getting up with her at night but nights like when she was sick and she was up every two hours or more it was brutal. Lately our routine is nurse to sleep between 7:30-8:30pm, up once around 11:30 for a quick snack, up again between 1:30-4am and then comes to bed with us and sleeps until 6:30-8am.


Eating: Edith is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.  When she is sick she is likely to stay at the boob all day if I let her.  As for solids we offer her three meals per day and snacks.  Her favorite foods right now are vegan mac and cheese, strawberries, bananas, sauteed mushrooms and onions and black olives. We did go through a solids strike when she was sick but she has picked right back up and you can now find her putting back two bananas in a row.


Playing: Unfortunately the last month wasn’t a great one for us when it came to meet ups because Neil has had a few evening events and needed the car and Edith being sick we missed quite a few (I am hoping to change that this month).  We have been going to the park across the street a few times per week to play and even went to a new park and library last week which Edith loved and she met a few other 10 month olds. As for playing at home her favorite game is to take everything out of bags and boxes.  She loves to help me do the laundry and by “helping” I mean pull all of the clean laundry out of the bins or unfold everything as I fold it.

Wearing: E is wearing mostly 6-12 month and 9 month clothes.  She is also wearing baby sandals and shoes now (size 2) since she loves to walk (with assistance) everywhere.


Coming up on the blog… (finally) our approach to solids part 2, what we are reading struggles with pumping and so much more.  If you have any questions for us we’d love to hear from you (info@naturallyfamily.com).


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