1. After our FB message about the walker, I spent the afternoon making G’s birthday wishlist. Then I saw you posted this and realized I could have saved myself a lot of work 😉

  2. For Abrielle’s first and bday I said no gifts (she gets supremely spoiled by friends and family all year) but of course no one listened. To be honest, I don’t listen when people tell me not to bring a gift either! If people really push my go to is always books or a ontribution to her college fund.

    This is a great idea!

  3. […] Edith turns two in just over two weeks! How crazy is that? Time is flying! This year we are having a little party at the park (weather permitting) with Edith’s friends. This morning we took a trip to Target and she chose the theme of her party, which is Robots for anyone wondering. So now on to the big question what is on Edith’s Birthday Wish List this year? You can check out her wish list from last year here.  […]

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