Edith’s Virtual Birthday

I know that throwing My Super Sweet 16 style first birthdays are all the rage right now but honestly it’s not our thing. Instead we are going a much more simplistic route and are keeping things pretty relaxed this year. My parents are here visiting and we will take Edith out to do a few things that she really enjoys but otherwise we are going to keep it simple.  However, we didn’t want to have the moment go by without celebrating it with friends and family and since we are so far apart from them we decided to have a virtual birthday party for Edith (see invite below).



We thought we would have our friends and family share a little greeting with her via a photo or video that way she could see/watch it on her birthday. This also means she can have something to look back at throughout the year.

While we thought this was a fun idea it is July 2nd and we have had one submission and one pending submission. I don’t know if this was a little “too out there” for friends and family or maybe I should just sit tight and stop my worrying until the July 5th deadline passes.

How did you celebrate your little’s first birthday?


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