• Good to know! I wasn’t sure if it applied to packets or just small jars of baby food and formula. It worked out fine for us in the end anyways!

  1. Sarah

    What kind of wipes do you use? I’ve been wanting to get a container like that but I’m not sure which ones fit in there, ha ha. I’m still learning 😉

    • We use 7th Gen wipes. Not the tubs though because those tend to get all dried out fast. We also sometimes use Whole Foods brand. At home we use cloth though.

  2. carla

    Hi I love your podt, I’ll bevtraveling solo with my 5 year old and my 14 months old kids. I was wondering what kind of bag you ues

    used, I e
    want to take something that will fit under the seat. Do you have any suggestions?

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