{Review} BobaAir

As most of you know we are a little obsessed with babywearing over here. We already have a Boba Baby Wrap which we used all the time during the newborn days, although I did take it out for the first time in months and it felt so good to snuggle with Edith in it. We also have the Boba Carrier which we both really love and I think Edith enjoys it as well. Since we already were fans of Boba’s carrier and wrap we were thrilled to try out the BobaAir.


The BobaAir is a super lightweight Soft Structured Carrier and it is ergonomic (a must). It is made of nylon which allows it to fold up easily and it’s super easy to clean. This carrier is good for little ones 15-45lbs so I wouldn’t recommend this carrier to anyone with a newborn.


  • It’s lightweight. I mean at 0.7lbs you aren’t going to find many other carriers that weigh so little.
  • It folds up or rather you can stuff it right into it’s pocket, zip it up and toss it into your diaper bag. It really takes up hardly any space.
  • There is a sun hood which is great for sunny days, nursing in the carrier or when your little one is asleep.
  • The zip hood storage pocket is super useful while wearing. You can keep your keys, phone and cash accessible while you are out and about.
  • You can wear the carrier on both the front and back.
  • I love the double snap feature in the back. It has always been one of my favorite features on the Boba Carrier and I’m glad that the BobaAir has it as well. I find that it makes the carrier easier to put on and tighten.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Price – it’s only $65!


  • The shoulder straps cut into my arms making it uncomfortable to wear with a tank top on. Neil also said the same thing while he was wearing it with a t-shirt.
  • There is absolutely no padding. I guess for this carrier to be super lightweight somethings had to go and padding was one of the things.
  • It cuts into Edith’s little legs. I hate to have Edith in this when she isn’t wearing pants or shorts that are longer because the lack of padding has the carrier cutting into her legs.



This will not be my go to carrier but it is one that I am happy to have around. I am planning on keeping it in the car because it folds right up and is great for short spurts of babywearing such as running into pick up a few groceries or running errands. For longer wearing sessions, anything longer than 45 minutes, I would chose a more padded carrier for my and Edith’s comfort.

Boba provided the BobaAir for the purpose of this review.  I am an affiliate for Boba and this post contains affiliate links.  This review reflects my honest opinions of this product.

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