Why We Love Babywearing

Like most couples when we found out we were expecting we started researching everything that we might “need” for our babies arrival. We decided right away that we were going to wear our baby not push him or her around in a stroller (with the exception of the BOB for going on runs). Well here we are with a 15 month old and 15+ carriers and we wear Edith everyday.


So why do we love babywearing?

Babywearing has helped us to be more confident parents. By wearing Edith we are able to meet her needs more easily and quickly which has helped us become more confident in our abilities. It also has helped us to develop a strong bond with Edith which in turn makes us more confident in our abilities.

Babywearing allows us to do (most) anything. Since Edith was a newborn we have been able to get out of the house and to do so many things such as dinners out, art hops, wine tastings, shopping, hiking and so much more. We are able to take Edith with us anywhere and she can nurse or sleep in the carrier or watch the world around her while being close and secure to us.

Babywearing makes us stronger. One thing that we didn’t even think about when we decided to babywear was how much strength and energy it takes to babywear. Babywearing makes us physically stronger; I mean what’s better than getting a workout in just going for a 2 mile walk with an 18lb baby on your chest?

Babywearing saved us in the first three months. Edith had terrible digestion issues every single night from about 2 weeks to 3 months. We spent night after night bouncing her on the exercise ball while wearing her in a wrap. The wrap saved our back from having to just hold her in our arms and it kept her nice and close and in an upright position (ideal for good digestion).

Babywearing makes us a stronger couple. Because babywearing allows us to be active we are able to continue to connect as a couple. As any new parent knows a new baby can put a lot of strain on a relationship but babywearing can help, it really can. We have been able to get out and do things together that we wouldn’t have been able to do with a stroller or having to just carry Edith in our arms or her carseat. When we go out for walks we are able to keep Edith close in the carrier while still being able to hold hands and stay connected as a couple.

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Honestly, this list could keep going on and on because the benefits of babywearing are incredible. We have fallen in love with it so much that we are hoping to start a baby carrier lending library in early 2014 and Lindsay is working to complete her babywearing educator certification. You could say we are a little babywearing crazy over here!

Q. Why do you wear you baby?


  1. Sarah

    I’m just now really starting to get into babywearing. When my son was a few days old, I was forced to lay flat on my back due to a spinal headache, then I went through some major fatigue and dehydration and just plain not feeling like myself so we missed out on it pretty much completely in the newborn days which I regret now. I was able to carry him in the Moby a few times before I had to go back to work and then it became more rare again. But now it’s the Fall and I want to get outside with him more and he’s gotten so big that wearing him is easier than carrying his car seat or dragging out the stroller! I’m hoping I’ll get more comfortable with it as time goes on, I have 4 or 5 different carriers 🙂

  2. Melissa Ritchie

    Hi! I absolutely love this post and the idea of your baby carrier lending library! I have so many carriers because I always felt like the perfect carrier was still out there somewhere! I prefer my Ergo with my one year old, but not on a regular basis. So I feel like she doesn’t have as much patience in it as I’d like. I love that you do it all the time, your baby is so blessed! I wish I would have read this a year ago! xo

    • Aww thanks so much for sharing! It’s hard at this age to get our little ones in carriers especially when they can walk! Edith went through a phase around the start of 14 months where she only wanted to walk herself or go in the stoller (which she hated). I say just keep trying! What other carriers do you have?

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