SAHM & The Importance of Getting Dressed


I have been a SAHM for over a year now and 90% of the time that means you’ll find me in running gear or yoga pants and no I am usually not doing either at the time. I mean I live in stretch pants and nursing tanks. But after reading on a friend’s facebook wall that her daughters thought that she was dressed up because she had jeans, a nice top and jewelry something clicked. I don’t want E to think that jeans and a t-shirt are dressing up (although most days that is the case for me). I want her to feel a sense of pride in how she looks because honestly we all know what when you think you look good you generally feel more confident, productive and ready to take on the world.

Now I’m not saying that you necessarily look bad because you are wearing yoga pants but honestly yoga pants and a t-shirt are just dressy pajamas unless you are going to yoga class.That being said it’s time to make a change. Do you remember the days when people actually wore dress clothes to work? When you could go out in public and not see people in their pajamas and i’m not talking about the yoga pants pajama look but the full on sponge bob pajama pants look. I honestly watch shows like mad men and wish that times hadn’t changed so much where it is now socially acceptable to wear pajamas out in public or shorts that are so short your pockets show (okay maybe I’m just getting old but seriously that’s considered fashionable?)

I’m not saying i have a desire to go back to the days when men wore suits everyday and women were always 100% put together from head to toe but rather I think that it’s important to put an outfit together. To wake up in the morning and be dressed shortly after. No more lounging around all day long in yoga pants. Get up put a cute outfit on – even if it’s just jeans and t-shirt. I find that just doing that makes me more productive, active and focused.

This post not only applies to the SAHM but also anyone who works from home. Just try it out for a week. See how you feel. Do you feel better? More productive? More motivated? Happier? Come and report back. Tell me if I’m being crazy but I bet most of you will find some improvement to your week.

That all being said I’m not a fashion blogger or claim to be super fashionable, although I do remember there was a time I felt that way, but I do think fashion and dressing well has it’s place. I am planning to do some SAHM fashion posts mostly to keep myself motivated but also to share some of my ideas with you.


  1. Tina

    Great read. I live in yoga pants as a SAHM of 4 girls. It’s very important that they see me dressed in other attire. I mean, I’m their number one role model. I’m goons try it, it may be hard but, I’ll try it 🙂

  2. I stay home due to chronic illness and I have to get dressed. Sometimes I will have a sweats day if I’m really not feeling it but I try to get into regular pants and put a nice shirt on. Then I am more apt to go outside and get fresh air, make a quick errand, and feel less isolated. Then at night if I’m feeling restricted in my pants I may change into Pjs early. But yes even feeling like I have the flu most of the time and in a lot of pain, I still get dressed. I think it does help my mental outlook. That way PJs feel even more special when they are on. And my butt looks better in regular pants than yoga pants anyhow.

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