Day In Our Life: Sunday Staycation

This past weekend we ended up having an impromtu staycation. After weeks of moving, conferences and other commitments it was nice to actually spend the entire weekend as a family. On Saturday visited one of the many museums we have a membership to, did a little window shopping, went out to lunch and spent the night relaxing. Sunday we started our day just like we always do with a nice walk to our favorite local coffee shop.
Walk To Coffee Shop> Americanos for the adults and a special hemp milk hot chocolate (light on the chocolate) for the little one.

Either:Or PDX

Edith Hot Chocolate Either:Or PDX> Then we walked home which took forever because two little legs wanted to walk ALL the way home as well.  We also had to make a few “coffee” break stops and of course had to pick up ever leaf on the ground.

Edith Walk With Coffee> After our morning coffee date we headed to the farmers market to pick up some goodies for the week. Edith was in heaven because she could sample just about every item of produce that was being sold all while riding in the wagon.

Hillsdale Farmers Market Edith and Neil

Hillsdale Farmers Market Wagon

> After the market we stopped over to Sasquatch Brewery for a beer tasting and light lunch.

Saqsquatch Brewery Skeleton

Saqsquatch Brewery PDX> Our busy morning out and about left E exhausted so of course she fell asleep in the car on the ride home so while Neil put away our groceries I sat in the car and played Pet Rescue Saga while E slept. *side note I am unfortunately addicted to this game and all out of lives- who wants to send me some? 😉

Pet Rescue Saga

> The remainder of our day was spent drawing, reading books and eventually putting E to bed so that Neil and I could catch up on a show and cuddle on the couch.

What did you do this weekend?

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