Rainy Day Fun: Painting

We have officially hit winter in Portland which means rain, lots of rain. While I still try to get us out and about I am also working on coming up with fun indoor play activities. A few weeks ago I picked up painting supplies from Ikea and yesterday we took them for a spin. Edith and I spent a good half hour just painting away, however I think for Edith the best part of painting is the post painting bath!



What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

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  1. Okay, first of all, I’m super jealous of her squat pose – I’ve been trying to accomplish that in yoga for years and always fall over! Tight hamstrings. ANYWAY, that looks like fun! I’m inspired to bust out the finger paints and try again with my daughter. She hates being dirty so it’s all fun and games until some of the paint ends up on her body. Then she cries!

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