Portland Macy’s Holiday Parade

We hadn’t planned to be around for Thanksgiving, we had hotel reservations to go to Seattle, a Thanksgiving dinner invite by Seattle friends and a weekend full of exploring to do but that all changed when Neil spent two weeks working 10-12 hour days and weekends. Instead of traveling for the holiday we decided to stay local and have a mini stay-cation. While planning our weekend at home I entered a giveaway to win VIP seating tickets for the Portland Macy’s Day Parade and lucky us we won!

This morning after a particularly early wake-up we headed downtown to take our seats and watch the parade. Neil and I were both curious and anxious to see how Edith would react to the parade- would it be too loud? Would she be overwhelmed? Would she have any reaction at all? While we would have liked to stay until the end E’s early wake-up meant she was ready for a nap by 9:30am and by 9:45am we were packing up and making our way out. Although we didn’t make it to the end this year hopefully next year we will!


Well the parade started and Edith climbed into my lap and stood up so she could get a good look. She loved the bands, the floats and the horses. She would point and get so excited as each float/band/ect. passed by. Neither of us could have wished for a better response.

EdithCookieMunchingMacysParade> She also loved munching on a peanut butter cookie while we waited for the parade to start.


EdithWatchingMacysParadeDid you attend a holiday parade this year? Did you watch the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? I used to watch it every year but since we haven’t had cable the past few years we have missed it.

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