Sharing Our News: 10 Weeks

This has been an insane month for us between finding out we were expecting baby #2, Neil’s insane work schedule (I’m talking 70-80 hour weeks) and having guests in town and the holidays. I really hadn’t intended to go so long without blogging and sharing our lives with you but as you will see when you read on you may understand a little bit more why.

How I’m Changing

The maternity pants have already made their appearance and there is no going back.

How I’m Feeling

I am feeling terrible. Morning sickness was a major symptom with Edith and once again it is hitting me hard. The difference this time is that I have a toddler and a husband who has been busy at work so it’s been even more of a struggle for me this time. I haven’t vomited and I never did with Edith either but I pretty much constantly feel hungover and have a weak gag reflex which is challenging. I have been going to bed with Edith at 7:30p most nights because I am so exhausted and just feel terrible so blogging hasn’t been a priority; right now I’m just trying to survive.


What I’m Eating

This time around my aversions are quite a bit different and I haven’t had a ton of cravings. When I was pregnant with Edith I wanted nothing to do with salads but this time around I’ve been enjoying salads with vegan ranch or french vinaigrette. Other foods I have been enjoying: most things Asian (dumplings, stir fry, vegan pho, bahn mi), citrus and hash brown potatoes. Foods I want nothing to do with include coffee, chocolate, Indian or African cuisine.

Random Facts of The Week:
  • Total Weight Gain: 0.
  • Workouts: I’ve been out for weeks.
  • Baby Items Purchased: None (so far).
  • Gender Suspicions:  Seriously no idea but maybe girl?
  • Cravings: bahn mi. pho.

Questions: A few of your have asked questions on our Facebook page and I will be addressing those soon but until then please feel free to ask anything else!


  1. Congratulations! I am so sorry you’re feeling so horrid. Do whatever you need to, step away if it is too much. We will all be here when you get back, cheering you on!

    I’m thinking of you and sending you my best!

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