Baby #2: Q&A

baby #2

Disclaimer: This post shares a few extra details regarding our sex life that you may not want to read. If so please feel free to skip this post or question #1.

Q: I remember you talking about being a one baby family – what changed?!

A: This past summer I wrote a post about our debate to stay a family of three or to become a family of four. This post laid out all of our fears/concerns/reasons to stay a family of three and while a lot of those concerns are still exist such as money, travel, and balance at this point we are just facing our fears head on. That all being said pregnancy number two was far from planned. We actually had decided to place the baby #2 discussion the back burner until Edith was closer to 20-24 months.

So what changed? Well after Edith’s birth I decided to get the Paraguard IUD (non-hormonal) at around 8-weeks postpartum. At six months postpartum my period returned and with that came horrible periods. I knew things would be different after giving birth and that the Paraguard could cause heavier bleeding but I did not expect the nauseatingly painful periods I would experience every month. Finally at 16-months postpartum I found a primary care physician and decided to have her take out my IUD not thinking about the fact that Neil and I had some intimate time the nights before and that well sperm can live for 72 hours. So the night I got my IUD out I apparently ovulated (which is common to do) and well needless to day Neil and I are apparently very fertile people because what do you know 13 days later I took a pregnancy test (or five) and well we are now expecting and yes we are excited!

Side note: At my appointment my doctor and I had just discussed a similar case and except that couple had slept together the night the lady had got her IUD out so I was like well we won’t be doing that. Two days later it hit me that sperm can stay alive for awhile after sex so I googled ‘how long does sperm live’ and then spent the next 10 days wondering if we could possible be pregnant.


Q: Are you going to find out the sex?

A: Nope! We are once again going to wait until the birth of baby #2 to find out the sex. A little suspense is fun!


Q: How is this pregnancy different than with Edith?

A: So far things have been very similar. I have experienced insane nausea and food aversions. The biggest difference however is having a toddler to chase around all day. When I was pregnant with Edith I could relax a lot more and nap when I needed to but with Edith if she doesn’t nap I don’t nap and instead I go to bed with Edith to catch up on sleep.


Q: How do you think Edith will be as a big sister?

A: I think that she will be a kind and helpful sister. I wonder how much interest she will take in the new baby when they arrive since at this point she really has no interest in babies at all and of course doesn’t really understand that she is going to have a sibling this coming summer. It will be interesting to see how things change as she develops and understands more over the next 6+ months.



  1. What a crazy (but kind of cool and romantic) story! I have the Mirena and luckily have not had any problems but I honestly wouldn’t have considered the, ahem, timeline for removal.

    So excited for you.

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