Baby No. Two: 14 Weeks

Yes I realize I skipped last week and honestly it probably will happen again over these next 26 (or so) weeks. xo.

14 weeks

How far along are you? I’m 14 weeks!

How I’m feeling: While I have been feeling better I am still having my rough days here and there. Most of the time my mornings start off really well but after lunch that’s when things slowly start to go downhill. I have been trying to encourage Edith to take a post nap lunch and while she has it has either taken a good amount of time for her to settle and/or they have been super short which means my naps are short too. By dinner time I wish we had a personal chef because I’m exhausted and usually a little nauseated. Overall though I feel better and I hope that over the next few weeks I continue to feel better and better.

Total weight gain: 7lbs.

Maternity clothes: Same as before. One thing to update is I did find another bathing suit but it’s not a maternity one and while it will work for another month or two it most likely need a new one.

Sleep: Blargh pregnancy sleep. I have some good nights, some meh night and some bad nights. One thing I have come to find is that when I eat something with more protein and a little fat right before bed I sleep better. We had a super early dinner last week and then went out for vegan ice cream (which I promptly vomited up on the way home-TMI?) so needless to say I went to bed shortly after arriving home at 6:30pm. By midnight I was ravenous and had to get up and have something to eat. So note to self eat before bed. Also invest in a big snoogle because this mini one is on it’s last leg.

What’s been going on this week: Last week we had our 13 week midwife appointment and everything looks good! This week I have been in major nesting mode and have currently cleaned/organized our bedroom, bathroom, storage closet, pantry and kitchen desk area. Tomorrow it’s on to the kitchen which I have been dreading all week but it needs to be done.

Movement: None yet.

Food cravings: I had a major craving for curry with noodles and veggies and after one dinner and two lunches I’d say my craving has been satisfied and now it’s more of an aversion. Otherwise no major cravings. Still enjoying lots of fruit and actually had to go restock today.

Food aversions: edamame hummus.

What I Miss: Sleeping and staying up past 8pm.

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