Flash Back: Daddy’s Little Helper

Every so often I find myself scrolling through the photos of my computer. It’s surprising how often I forget about photos that I have taken. Today I came across these beautiful photos of Edith and Neil from back in October 2013.

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - 1

Ever since we moved Edith has become obsessed with putting things together, specifically furniture. It’s probably because 90% of our furniture comes from IKEA and when we moved ourselves we took the majority of our furniture apart. As Neil put furniture together Edith “helped” and even after the fact she would try and put things like her little chair together or her crib. She would find the metal parts of our headphones or keys or even sometimes a mini screw driver pretend to use them on her furniture. In this case we had just bought a new stool for the bathroom and Edith decided she wanted to help Neil put it together. She would drop the screw into the hole for Neil and clap for herself each time. Once it was put together she had to test it out, of course! I’m so glad that I happened to capture this moment on film because honestly until today I completely forgot about it!

 Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - Clap

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013- High Five

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - 2

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