Portland Snow Days

While this isn’t Edith’s first snow it is the first snow that she has really experienced. I took her out on Thursday when it started snowing and she was in love and was pretty upset when I said that it was time to head back inside. Yesterday we woke up to even more snow and Neil and I took her outside to play around in the snow. To top off the snow day we took a snowy walk to dinner (we have no food in the house) and she had a blast. It also took us three times as long to get there because Edith wanted to scoop snow and put it on us or just lay down on the side walk and roll around in it. Unfortunately we didn’t catch our dinner walk in photos but I would say Edith had the time of her life.
snowday- edith
snowday e and dada
snowday neil> My little snow angels
snowday angel e
snowday E> Snow fight!
snowday in the face

> Over on Running With Tongs I’m sharing our snowed in Nutty Date Ball Recipe which is toddler approved!

Date Ball Muncher

Q: Has your little one experienced snow? What was there reaction?

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