Baby No. Two: 17 Weeks

It’s been far too long since my last post.

17 weeks

How far along are you? I’m 17 weeks 1 day!

How I’m feeling: I am feeling good! I still have afternoons that are a bit rough especially if I have been running around all morning but otherwise I am starting to feel back to normal. This was around the same time I started to really feel better with my pregnancy with Edith.

Total weight gain: 8 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I finally bought some maternity workout clothes from Old Navy and they are working out so well. Seriously so much more comfortable than my non-maternity workout gear. I also bought some pants but otherwise that is it. I will need to get some new shirts soon as mine are getting pretty short and I will probably need to actually get a maternity swim suit soon as well.

bump nest

Sleep: Sleeping is a bit better because I finally bought a new pregnancy pillow. I ended up going with the Bump Nest instead of the Snoogle and I’ll blog about that all another time. I have been going to bed between 8-10pm and sleep until 6-7am. On nights when I eat before I go to bed I don’t have as many wake ups but I still have nights with 1-2 hours of insomnia.

What’s been going on this week: I had my latest midwife appointment on Tuesday and everything looks great. We went over my blood tests and they were all good and I will be going back again in March. We need to schedule our 18-20 week ultrasound soon as well. Other than that spending a lot of time working on getting the house in order and it’s a never ending project with a 19 month old.

Movement: Just a little.

Food cravings: No major food cravings although we did have potatoes a few times this week. Otherwise no major cravings.

Food aversions: Hummus.

What I Miss: Having more energy at night.


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