Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my time to catch up on work, articles, sponsored posts, regular blog posts, other projects. Neil and Edith head off to swim lessons and I plan our meals for the week and then (attempt) to dive in to freelance/blog work. Some weeks I am super productive and find myself easily flowing through all of my work and then there are weeks like this past one when I just can’t seem to get focused.

I write freelance articles and during the week I research them and then I try to spend the weekend finishing up my articles and getting them out. The tough part with this however is that some Saturdays I just want to sit and relax. Neil went out to some concerts Thursday and Friday night last week (we have a “you can see as many bands as you want before #2 arrives” agreement going on right now) so needless to say I’m feeling a little bit spent thisĀ  past Saturday morning.

Edith was a wild child last Friday, I’m not sure why but she just was and I was exhausted. So to get up Saturday morning and work just isn’t the most appealing item on my ‘To Do’ list. The thing is when you are only guaranteed two solid alone time hours per week to get work done there is a lot of pressure to get work done within that time. Otherwise I am trying to make it up throughout the week and honestly some weeks I get a lot done and other weeks there is so much else going on or I’m just ready for bed by 8pm that I don’t get as much done as I need/should/want.

While I have looming deadlines for articles that I should be writing right now and I’m not feeling overly focused I guess I should be happy that I at least took the time to write this post when I could have chosen less productive time wasters such as watching TV, checking Facebook or Twitter. I’m not completely sure why I chose to write or even post this on the blog but I’d thought I would just share a little but of the reality going on over here.

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