Baby No. 2: 23 Weeks


How far along are you? 23 Weeks- seriously this second trimester is flying by!

How I’m feeling: I’m feeling pretty good! I am feeling more and more pregnant. I’ve been trying to be more active so that has helped with energy levels but I have my days where I just want to sleep all day.

Total weight gain: I haven’t weighed myself in 2 weeks so I am not sure. Last midwives appointment I hadn’t gained any additional weight ie. same weight I was at 17 weeks.

Maternity clothes: I finally had to move on up to the full panel pants because all my demi-panel are falling down due to my growing belly. I only have one pair of full panel jeans and a few skirts that works so I will probably have to buy a few more. I also am starting to really need tops as most of mine are getting to snug or short.

Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss. Some nights I sleep well and other nights I am restless. I have to say having a snack before bed and my Bump Nest seriously makes a huge difference. However, lately I go to bed and find Edith using my Bump Nest as a pillow- seriously I should have bought one for each of us.

What’s been going on this week: This week I have been trying to catch up on housework and have really been working on getting our downstairs room in order. Edith and I have been stuck inside for most of the week due to the rain so we have been trying to find dry places to visit such as the library and playdates.

Movement: More and more each week!

Food cravings: This week I have been all about the vegan quesadillas- seriously craving all the time and well I want one right now. Also really good raspberry jam.

Food aversions: Peanut Butter is still my huge aversion.

What I Miss: Having a glass of wine. Clothes that fit. (same as last time)


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