Toddlers In the Kitchen: Supplies

FYI this post is NOT sponsored. We purchased everything on the following list and all opinions are our own.

If you have been following our Instagram feed then you have seen Edith helping me out in the kitchen. For the past few weeks Edith has been helping us in the kitchen 5-6 days per week. Some days she helps me prepare meals and other days I provide her with the food and supplies to make her own snacks. While some meal/snack preps go more smoothly than others overall I love having Edith help and she goes nuts for it. As soon as she sees the blender or food processor she runs to her learning tower and tries to push it into the kitchen to help.

While I know this list will change over time currently these are my favorite kitchen supplies for Edith at 20-21 months.

toddler in the kitchen


  1. Little Partners Learning Tower: While I know that the price tag on this item is a little shocking it really is a wonderful addition to our home. E used to stand on a chair and it was just terrible because all I did was worry she would fall off. For months now I have been searching and searching via second hand shops and craigslist for a Learning Tower and finally we found a used one last month for $55 so keep your eyes peeled!
  2. Kids Cutlery Set: We have one from Ikea that we really like and this is on my ‘to buy’ list because well I just love OXO Tot. Anyways a great toddler knife is essential to have when it comes to getting your toddler in the kitchen. A toddler knife is dull enough that it really doesn’t cut much and it is the perfect size for their little hands.
  3. Strawberry Slicer: We just added this to our collection recently and I love having it! Edith has been doing a lot of strawberry chopping because I have been on a strawberry kick (pregnancy cravings!) While the knife is working for the most part I thought that since summer is on the way that this inexpensive little chopper would be so much fun to have. So far she has been enjoying it!
  4. Lemon Juicer: I have one of those citrus juicers that you stick the half in and squeeze down and while it works fine for me E’s little hands just can’t manage to squeeze it very well so I bought a mini juicer just her size. We are still working at mastering it but so far it’s great and honestly I’m a fan of it for myself!
  5. Kids Sized Whisk: I do a lot of whisking and since my whisk has a pretty big handle I thought it would be fun to get Edith her own whisk to help when making sauces and dressings. This one is super fun because it has a cow on the handle and while we whisk we practice saying cow and mooing like a cow.
  6. Crinkle Cutter: Let me start by saying that until your toddler gets used to using this knife make sure you don’t take your eye of them. This cutter is a great alternative to the toddler knife because it is a little sharper and is all about the pressing down motion versus the sawing motion. Bonus: it makes really fun crinkle cut fruits and veggies.

I’ll be giving you a closer look at E using each of these items over the next month or two. I am also working on a fun recipe series so please let me know if you have any special requests of questions!

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