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Disclaimer: We were provided the líllébaby COMPLETE at no cost from the company. We were not required to write a review and no further compensation was provided for doing so. As always all opinions are our own.

Lillebaby-NaturallyFamily-E&NI’d like to welcome the líllébaby COMPLETE to our babywearing rotation! We have been using this carrier for a few months now and are absolutely in love with it. While I haven’t been doing as much babywearing lately due to my growing bump, Neil has been thrilled with the líllébaby COMPLETE. It currently tops Neil’s top three favorite carriers list.

Lillebaby-NaturallyFamily-DuckiesWhen we first received the líllébaby COMPLETE I was newly pregnant and still wearing Edith in a front carry. Unfortunately, my growing bump and changing body isn’t allowing me to wear Edith as often. I can still do back carries but it’s much more challenging to do so without assistance so I haven’t used this as much but I can’t wait for baby #2 to arrive so I can wear both Edith and B#2.

Since we have only used this carrier with our toddler I’m going to focus on toddler wearing rather than focus on a smaller baby. But, don’t worry, we will do a follow up post this Fall to let you know what we think of it with baby #2.


Things We Love About the líllébaby COMPLETE:

  • The additional Lumbar support. This has been essential with a growing toddler.
  • The optional Neck Support-  Edith doesn’t need a ton of neck support but the (now rare) times she falls asleep in the carrier it is a great feature and I’m sure it will be even more essential with #2.
  • The weight range – The stated weight range is 7 to 45 pounds. Edith is around 23 lbs and it is working great with her.  The support for the wearer is great.  She can be worn for long periods of time with no additional strain on Neil’s back or shoulders. It is not unconceivable to see wearing her for another 15-20lbs in this carrier
  • The soft fabric and the ergonomic, soft shoulder pads make this carrier super comfortable to wear.
  • I love the hood. Just like the neck support, it is great for naps!
  • The carrier itself is not super heavy weighing in at less than 1.5lbs. This is great when you already have a 20+lb toddler to carry around. We recently brought it on our cross-country flight and it folded up and stowed away well.
  • Edith seems comfortable in it! Neil’s worn her for long periods of time and for long walks without protest from Edith.
  • Also love that it is machine washable because with a toddler there is always some sort of mess.

Things We Don’t Love

  • While this not an issue for us, the waist band is on the shorter side so if you are a large individual you will require a waist extender.
  • I, personally and professionally (babywearing educator), don’t support front facing in this carrier and wish that it wasn’t presented as an option. I am planning to discuss the downfalls of front facing carries in a future post.
  • I know I said I wouldn’t be focusing on infant carry but I do wish that there was an infant insert option rather than the suggestion to use a rolled up blanket- just thinking about the upcoming arrival of #2.

Would we suggest this carrier to others? YES! It is honestly a great carrier and great for those with toddlers. Again we’ll cover younger babies this Fall.

FYI this carrier in the organic fabric that we love so much is available for $135 on Amazon. (affiliate link)

UPDATE: I did end up wearing Edith on my front in the líllébaby in the airport on our way to Vermont.  While it wasn’t the most comfortable since my growing baby belly got in the way it was possible!

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