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Last Spring we came across a Google Deal for a membership to the World Forestry Center. At the time we were trying to take in as much as Portland as we could so we decided to take advantage of the membership deal. Little did we know that this would end up being one our favorite museums in Portland. We have had our membership for nearly a year now and we still love the museum and plan to renew our membership.


The thing that we love about this museum is how interactive it is and we have loved watching Edith play and learn here over the past year. Beyond the interactive forestry exhibits (you’ll see more photos of those below) there is always a rotating exhibit upstairs and there are events for adults and children throughout the year.

In the Fall they have a coffee event that we attended where we were able to meet some local roasters and taste a variety of coffees. Also starting in the Fall and on through Spring there are Mommy & Me Monday’s where local children’s performers stop by for music or storytime. We didn’t make it to many Mommy & Me Monday’s this year but the ones we did attend were so much fun and we hope to attend more this Fall (p.s. if this type of event interest you it’s totally worth buying the $50 membership just for this event).


On our latest trip to the World Forestry Center Neil and Edith inspected various types of wood, took a “wild” white water rafting ride, snuggled with some bunnies, crawled through a log, planted some trees took a “ride” on the train and then visited the Dr. Suess exhibit. While every visit we see the same things I find that we explore them in a new way and we are all learning something new. IMG_8006 IMG_8042 IMG_7958 IMG_7945 IMG_8050 IMG_8059 IMG_8051What is your favorite Portland Museum? Have you been to the World Forestry Center?


  1. mdott922

    I have never been here! My daughter has a zoo camp later this month, so I may take my son here one of those days after we drop her off!

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