Currently. 6.9.14

Edith at Mt. TaborDoing: At this exact moment I am sitting on the couch trying to get myself mentally prepared for the day. I just took out a “new” toy for Edith to play with so that should entertain her for (hopefully) a good 10 minutes. I am also trying to get the house ready for the arrival of #2 which really means minimalizing a lot of things in hopes that it will help to make keeping the house in order this summer a lot easier.

Thinking about: Names. Preparing for this birth. What I need to get together for our night to the Coast. Coffee. Sleeping.

Watching: Neil and I have been watching Orphan Black and I’m sad to say we only have a few more episodes of season 2. The good thing is though we have really been cutting back on TV so that we can be a bit more productive at night.

Looking forward to: The weekend! At Neil’s new job he is able to work summer hours on Fridays so as soon as he is out of work we are heading to the coast for a night away. I’m also looking forward to Neil’s race this Sunday!

Reading: I am currently reading The Book Thief although I still haven’t fully got into it but I’m not over it yet. I have also been reading tons of kids books to Edith and will share those this Wednesday with you.

Loving: Naptimes. Potatoes. Fans (it’s been hot!). 

This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Share something you are currently doing, reading, looking forward to, ect. in the comments below!

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