Reading Wednesday | Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

Now that we’re getting closer and closer to baby number two’s due date, I’m starting to think it’s time that I refresh myself on what exactly I can expect and how I can best prepare myself for their arrival. Of the different expectant father books that I’ve read, there’s one that stands out as the most beneficial and that’s The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. It was really a great supplement to the birthing and parenting classes we took when we were pregnant with Edith. It also helped me to understand how I could best support Lindsay in the process. I recommend it as a must read for any body who will be supporting a mother-to-be in the birth process. I know I’ll be reading it again to help me prepare. And please, check out my review I wrote after I read it the first time.

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  1. Yes! This is an amazing book, and reading it was the single best thing I did to prepare for a natural, drug-free birth. I read it twice, and I flagged certain parts for my husband to read as well. I love sciencey stuff, and this book provides plenty of physiological details along with the tips for pain management and emotional support.

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