Lust List // Nursing Wear

Knowing that baby #2 will be making his/her arrival anytime now has really got me thinking about nursing gear. With Edith I basically spent the first 12 months postpartum wearing maternity tee’s and cheap nursing tanks. These items made me feel less then stellar and there is really nothing worse then wearing your maternity clothes when you are no longer pregnant.

This time around I am looking to buy cute nursing specific wear or things that are more stylish and nursing functional. Lately I have been obsessed with Boob Design nursing wear which unfortunately is a little challenging to find in the US. I did however find that you can order it from Natural Mom Gear.

So here are the pieces I am lusting after right now:

Boob Design V-neck Boob Design Singlet
Boob Design Nursing Top
Boob Design Warm Nursing Hoodie

Top: (L) Boob Design Nursing Top Short Sleeve (R) Boob Design Nursing Tank Top
Bottom: (L) Nursing Top Before & After, Short Sleeve, V-neck (R)
Boob Design Warm Nursing Hoodie

While I know you might be going umm aren’t these pretty casual though? I will say yes they are BUT they are super cute, high quality and perfect for nursing. I really want items that are going to last and to not be buying new $10 tee’s from Target every 3-4 months because of the wear and tear on them when nursing (pulling up/down; stretching out; major piling).

Now I need to decide which colors I want and which of the tops I really NEED. Right now a number of the tops are on sale and there is free shipping for purchases of $75 or more!

What are your favorite nursing brands? 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links included in this post. 

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