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As I write this post I am currently 40w1d pregnant. That is only 1 day past my due date but it honestly feels like forever, especially when Edith was 10 days early. I’ve had a feeling all along though that despite it being common for women to go into labor earlier with their second, third, fourth, ect that I was just not going to be that person. I also had a feeling that our midwife, Dr. J,  would not be able to make it to our birth and that we would have to go with a backup.

The funny thing is Dr. J who has been my care provider since around 12 weeks WAS my backup because my primary care doctor, Dr. A,  who is also a midwife was not taking births for July and August so per her recommendation we went with Dr. J who I have really come to love as well. So at this point we are onto a third midwife for the birth unless of course this baby decides they are so comfortable that they want to stay in until August 4th when Dr. A is back to work and would be able to attend; and while I would love her to be there I am really hoping we have a baby before the 4th.

Another interesting thing is that from the start I had a feeling that Dr. J would not be at the birth and when she told us she was going to be out of town July 14-22nd I figured I would probably have this baby during that time period although I also was still feeling like this baby would not be born early.  Well that time came and went and Thursday July 24th I went in for my 39 week appointment still pregnant but having contractions so I thought maybe today is the day. At that appointment Dr. J told us that she had to go out of town the following Thursday (today) for an unexpected family thing.

At this point I was hopeful that the contractions were going to be the real deal and since they continued for a few hours after our appointment I was sure we were going to have the baby that night or over the weekend. Well that obviously didn’t happen and Tuesday rolled around and I was feeling pretty down about the entire situation. I knew that unless I went into active labor in the next 24 hours that Dr. J would not be at our birth, that our baby would not arrive on their due date (FYI most babies don’t and I know that) and that we would be having another midwife, who I really like as well, at our birth.

In hopes of getting things going I had acupuncture yesterday afternoon and spent the remainder of the day (with the exception of a short trip to the market) relaxing and resting in hopes that contractions would start up. While I have had a little cramping and contractions since the acupuncture they haven’t been consistent.  That’s not to say the acupuncture hasn’t worked it just hasn’t worked fast enough or in time for Dr. J to attend the birth.

So now here we are waiting and hoping that this baby will make their arrival sooner than later. One thing that is helpful is that we have no showings of our home (we are renting and the landlord is looking for a new tenant because or lease is up 8/31) scheduled until Sunday and they are tentative due to someone putting in an application to rent the house.  This is a huge relief because seriously who wants to go into labor when there are potentially strange people that are going to be walking through your home?

Anyways these are my crazy waiting game ramblings. Trying to keep myself distracted, relaxed and positive because I know everything will workout and this baby will come when it’s ready (however I hope it’s ready soon!).

Anyone have any fun distracting things to do while I wait this out? 

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  1. Oh Lindsay, I’m hoping that things get moving along soon! I went into labor with A at 40w1d but she didn’t come until 40w3d (super early in the morning). You know that this little one will come when he or she needs to, but I can’t imagine that unrest that you must be feeling. Hang in there, soak up time wit Edith as your firstborn, and I’ll be saying a few prayers for you!

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