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Getting out of the house with two kids can be quite the production.  We have to get two kids in the car, make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked (95% of the time it isn’t) and then, when we finally make it to our destination (usually at least 10 minutes later than planned), we have to figure out who is going to walk, ride or be worn.

Solly Baby Wrap

We are still slowly getting out of the house beyond the grocery store and Target and this weekend we took a break from unpacking to head to the market. I honestly was not feeling the trip to the market at all. We had headed out right when it usually starts to get busy and it was hot and nap time was slowly sneaking up on us, but, we did it. When we arrived I noticed we only had the Solly Baby Wrap in the car so right away that meant I was on baby duty.  Neil can wrap but it usually takes a little talking through and help so it was just easier for me to do it and for him to be on tot duty.

I wrapped Alder up snuggly on the Solly Baby Wrap and he fussed for just a moment before falling asleep. We walked over to the market and I had my hands free to carry market bags and hold one of Edith’s hands.Solly Baby Wrap Alder

We headed straight to my favorite farm stand to pick up our produce for the week. I was so excited by all the beautiful produce that I started to fill our bags and then realized that we had no cash. Neil said he would run to the ATM, which was luckily not too far away, while I continued to shop – the catch though was that Edith had to stay with me. If Alder had been in the stroller or in my arms there would have been no way that I could have held the half filled bags of produce and chased a very curious toddler around but thanks to babywearing we made it work.

Solly Baby Wrap & Edith

After finally purchasing our produce we walked around the remainder of the market, picking up a drink and a treat on our way out. We stopped over by the beautiful water fountain to enjoy our drink and snack before heading back to the car. The best part? Alder was still sleeping. Also we had no toddler tantrums, I was able to purchase 90% of the produce I had on my shopping list and we got to enjoy the market and sunshine as as family. The worst part? I dropped my shopping list so I had to go home and rewrite it and head out again to pick up our grocery items.

solly baby family


    • I really like both of them but they are different. The Solly is not your standard stretchy wrap – I actually don’t find that it has a ton of stretch which is great. The Solly is also shorter (so less wrap to deal with) it comes in more of a variety of colors/prints but after around 20lbs it gets a little more challenging to wear and by 25lbs your done and you can only safely do front carries (ie no back carries). The wrapsody hybrid is really a beautiful wrap, a bit long for my liking but still easy to work with. It kind of falls between a stretchy wrap and a woven. It super soft and comfortable for both wearer and baby. You can safely do front and back carries in this carrier and it has a longer life time (up to 35lbs). Ultimately it really is a matter of what colors/prints call to you, do you plan on having multiple carriers or are you looking for the perfect newborn through toddlerhood carrier.

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