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I think I had a pretty fashionable pregnancy with Edith and I totally regret not keeping my cute maternity clothes for the second time around. However when it came to postpartum/nursing wear I was a hot mess. I lived in old t-shirts, nursing tanks and maternity jeans for months and months and by the time I was mentally ready to buy new clothes I was pregnant again.

This time around I am not waiting 15 months to buy clothes that I feel good wearing. While I am still struggling with embracing my new postpartum body I am working on it. Luckily I have a few great pieces of postpartum clothing including the beautiful NOM nursing top that you may have seen in my Nursing Wear YouTube video.

First I want to thank Belly Dance Maternity for sending me this beautiful top to share with you.  I am absolutely loving it.  I love black and white strips and this top has a bonus feature it is nursing friendly. You just unbutton the snaps on top and lift up to easily nurse. I don’t have any other nursing tops like this and let me tell you I plan on buying a few more. It’s so much easier than wearing a nursing tank under my shirts and having to lift it up every time I need to nurse. Plus you’d never really know it’s a nursing top from looking at it. It is also a fantastic maternity top and the ruching is great for an expanding belly or in my case a postpartum belly.

NOM nursing belly dance maternity

NOM nursing top

Belly Dance Maternity features fashionable gear for your entire pregnancy and postpartum. I am loving their new Fall clothes and am making a list of items I want to buy. I am seriously lusting after MICHAEL STARS POSEY SURPLICE MATERNITY TOP (also great for nursing),  SERAPHINE BLACK JOLENE KNOT DRESS (because cute nursing friendly dresses are hard to find and the holiday season is upon us so of course I need a dress for parties and events) and seriously how cute is this LOYAL HANA CROSSHATCH CARRIE POCKET SHIRT.  If anyone is looking to get me a late birthday gift …..hint hint.

What are your favorite nursing/maternity styles? How do you stay stylish while pregnant or nursing or being a mom in general? 

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