Weekend Snapshots | Oregon Coast


We spent our weekend soaking up the beautiful weather at the Oregon Coast. We enjoyed playing in the sand, a little hiking and attempts at getting family photos. Here are a few snapshots and I’ll be sharing more stories from our weekend later this week.

NetartsTrip2014-Alder&NeilBay NetartsTrip2014-AlderBeachkisses NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookOutSunTrees NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutLindsayTree NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutEveryone NetartsVacation2014-CapeLookoutBeachWalk NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesSign NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesOrbit NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesLighthouseEdith


  1. Looks like a lovely little trip with a lot of family! I love going to the coast–it had to grow on me but I find there are so many good things to do 🙂 Hope the babe enjoyed it too!

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