Christmas List Planning 2014



This Christmas we are trying to stay pretty minimal and focus not on the gifts but on the time we spend together. We are hoping to host a Winter Solstice party and just focus on holiday experiences instead of spending money on lots of gifts. Last year we started the tradition of buying only six gifts per person plus a small stocking based on the categories below. In years passed we have allotted a little more money for the kids and adults but this year we just want to scale back. It’s not that we couldn’t spend more it’s that we don’t need to.

We are trying to declutter our home and lives and are attempting to become more minimalist. So we have actually decided not to exchange birthday (kids get one small gift + new experience), anniversary, Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts and instead do something special to celebrate.

This year in addition to following our five categories (you’ll notice we dropped from six to five) policy and reducing our budget we are also focusing on buying local. We try to as much as possible but when you have an Amazon Prime membership and Target just down the road it’s easy to turn to these stores for all of our shopping. I believe the holidays are a good reminder to give back and part of this is shopping locally and/or from companies that give back.

Budget for Family $250 max total (ideally we will be able to come in under budget).

Gift Categories:

  • Wear
  • Want
  • Read
  • Create
  • Gift to us from the kids/Gift to each child from one another
  • Plus Stocking.

This year 75% must be purchased at local shops, shops that give something back or homemade and this goes for gifts we are giving to family and friends too (separate budget).

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing our five category gift ideas for each of us along with some fun low cost DIY gifts. We will also be sharing our holiday/winter experiences on the blog as well. You can also find a few other gift guides on Running With Tongs and Life Brews.


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