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As you all know we are in love with over here. Our birth announcements for Alder were just so beautiful that we decided that we also wanted to use minted for our holiday photos as well. Once I started looking at the the minted website I noticed that they also have really beautiful photo gift options as well so of course I got sucked into all of the options and want one of everything please. Unfortunately our budget doesn’t warrant a minted shopping spree.  That being said we do have some new beautiful family photos that we want to share with family so we will be buying a few photo gifts in addition to our holiday cards.

Okay so on to the holiday cards. I seriously love holiday cards but I’m really not into the whole Merry Christmas thing because we have friends who don’t celebrate Christmas and we aren’t religious at all so Christmas is more a tradition than a religious event for us. We could always go the way of Happy Holidays and while that does give some inclusiveness to all holidays during November/December/January I still find that most of the cards are red and green ie Christmasy. In the end we usually go the Happy Holiday’s route but this year we used minted. and they offer New Years cards (probably other places do as well but that’s besides the point) the perfect alternative!


I spent far too much time, I’m talking hours, creating and looking at all of the Happy New Years card options. I fell in love with almost all of minted’s beautiful Happy New Years cards and had a really hard time settling on the style and type to go with. Above are a few of the styles that made our top 10 (yes top 10) but ultimately we settled on the Burst Holiday Booklet because we wanted to share a little bit about what’s been happening on our lives this year. While this card is a little more expensive we decided that it would also be a little gift that we could give to our family and friends. Now that we have children and we live so far from family and many friends we want to make sure that we share our lives with them and that they know how much we appreciate them so what’s better than a beautiful card full of photos of our growing children and stories from our year. It’s also just the perfect keepsake for us to tuck away and take out to look at year after year reminding ourselves of the special things that happened that year.

This was our runner-up booklet card.

This was our runner-up booklet card. The cover of the winner is the first photo in this post.

Since we just got out 2014 family photos taken and the holidays are here we also decided to purchase a holiday photo gift. I honestly wanted to buy one of every style of framed photograph they had to offer but ultimately settled on just one for someone special in our family. I’m not going to share it here because I don’t want to give the surprise away but here are a few of the options that made our top choices for framed photos. I’d like to note that adding the frame was seriously so reasonable like $13 for 8×8. I can’t wait for these cards and gift to arrive so I can send them to all the special people in our lives.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 8.51.39 AM

Disclaimer: We were provided with a promo code to purchase a portion of our holiday cards and gifts purchase from minted. As always all opinions are our own. Screenshots shared with permission.


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