2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Mamas-To-Be



For the mama-to-be who needs a little self careYour Pregnancy Essentials Kit – I LOVE LOVE LOVE mamma mio and you can bet you’ll see it on my new moms list as well. This kit contains a tummy butter for stretch mark protection, a face wash that I still use and love, boob tube cream to help stop sagging and a leg cooling gel for swollen legs and feet another product I still use and love after a run.

For the mama-to-be who needs a little help sleepingBump Nest– This was a life saver with my last pregnancy. It is seriously a must have item and makes sleeping so much more comfortable. Warning you may need to buy one for everyone in the family to avoid conflict.

For the fashionable mama-to-beMOLLY ADES MATERNITY/NURSING BLACK ZIPPERED NURSING TANK – this is one my favorite nursing tank tops but you don’t have to wait until the baby arrives to get this for your mama-to-be it also is an awesome maternity tank. It has a great stretch for mama-to-be’s expanding belly but won’t lose its shape and once baby arrives the zipper feature is great for easy nursing. Find this top and many other cute maternity and nursing items on Belly Dance Maternity.

For the mama-to-be who needs to relax – a spa gift certificate. Do your research and find a spa that is known for their prenatal spa treatments. I’ll tell you this a spa treatment is what every mama-to-be needs so you really can’t go wrong. If you are a Portland area reader I would suggest Zenana Spa.

For the mama-to-be’s stockingEarth Mama Angel Baby Organic Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler – because sometimes you just need a cup of tea.

Disclaimer: while this post is NOT IN ANY WAY SPONSORED there are affiliate links included. 

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