2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Gift for Tots



Something To Wear – Fleece Toddler Robe – We actually bought one of these for Christmas but well it wouldn’t be Christmas at our house if we didn’t give gifts three weeks in advance so Edith already has hers and she LOVES it. She is so excited to have a robe just like mama and daddy and its great for post breakfast lounging because of course she always has to strip down to her diaper to eat breakfast.

Something They Want- Learning Tower – Okay lets be completely honest your tot probably won’t be asking you for a learning tower but what they do want is to help you out in the kitchen or basically anywhere that they need to be taller. This is one of our most used items in our home. Edith stands and watches me cook, she “makes coffee”, she helps bake and prepare meals, she practices cutting up fruits and veggies, she dances and soon she will be using it to help wash dishes. Like I said your tot might not ask you for this gift but guaranteed it will help s/he do many of the things s/he wants to do everyday.

Something To Create With- Melissa & Doug Paint with Water – this is one of Edith’s favorite activities to do. It’s painting without too much mess and all you need is a smock, a place to set up and some water. Fun, creative and inexpensive! Also provides hours of entertainment!

Something To Read – Bear Board Book 4-pack – we received The Bear Snores On from a friend and it is one our favorite books. The bear books are super cute with great stories and illustrations and lots of animals.

For Their Stocking – Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen Dog Knife with Teeth – we bought E this knife last year and she loves it. Its not very sharp ie. she can basically cut mushrooms, bananas and strawberries but it is great for practicing cutting.

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  1. We love the paint with water at our house too! I also love that you put in a learning-to-cut knife. I know my kids feel powerful when they are allowed to help cook dinner with the knives.

  2. I really wish we had had a leaning tower when my kids were a bit younger! As luck would have it, we didn’t even know that these things existed until the kids outgrew it!

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