Currently 1.24.15


Doing: Oh just getting really excited as I realize that tonight is only Saturday night and that I still have another weekend day to get ohh a million things done tomorrow. Who am I kidding? Let’s focus on just getting one or two things done. Right now Neil and I are catching up on Top Chef and Alder is being a wild man who was up ALL last night (seriously I slept from like 12a-1a and then maybe 15-20 minutes more until getting up at 2:30am with a crying Alder – seriously felt so bad for baby boy and at the same time being frustrated that I couldn’t just sleep. I ended up with him until about 5:45am before hearing Edith over the monitor and heading back upstairs. I finally got a few hours of sleep around 6:15a-8:45a. I don’t know what his deal is tonight but he is wild.

Thinking about: Oh the 30 different blog posts and YouTube videos that I am working on and how nice it would be to have a maid.

Watching: Top Chef! Trying to catch up so no spoliers but we are just loving this season because Gregory Gourdet from our favorite restaurant Departure is on it. Side note his restaurant is a client of a PR company that I sometimes go to events at and last November he was at an event at their offices and I totally geeked out.

Looking forward to: Getting out for a hike tomorrow.

Reading: Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte — I’ll be posting a review soon! 

Loving: Red Wine. Babywearing (we got a new Tula Toddler — whoop whoop). Cooking. Skincare. Makeup. Running. My family (duh). 


This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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