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Around this time of year I remember heading out to Ames (who knows what I am talking about?) and I would pick out Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to my friends and family. Back then you could just get those little cards with cartoon characters on them and if you were lucky you might also be able to find the mini boxes of conversation hearts. Nowadays you just have to pop on over to Pinterest to find a million different homemade ideas which are all fun and super cute but if you’re like me you just can’t be bothered. That’s when I turn to Minted.

As you all know already we just love Minted around here. We have used it for birth announcements, New Years cards, Christmas gifts, home decor items and notebooks. That all being said it’s no surprise that we would want to once again feature there Valentine’s cards. I am so excited that you can buy individual cards along with a selection of postcards, photo cards and classroom cards. There are even supplies for your Valentine’s Day party and of course a selection of gifts for your Valentine.

One of the items I decided to order were these super cute classroom cards with Edith and Alder on them. I know neither of my kids are in school but Edith has lots of little friends that I thought she would enjoy handing them out to and we are going to send them to friends and family. I had such a hard time picking out a design because there were just too many cute ones. There are ones with photos and others with just cute designs such as the Smore one and that says “I Wish I Had Smore Friends Like You” or the fox in a canoe that says “Canoe Be My Valentine?”. Like I said cute right?

minted valentine's day

Of course I had to pick up some additional Valentine’s for my Valentine and fro some family and friends. Here are a few that I really love and will be sending to friends.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.07.49 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.19.39 PM

Oh and this one is by far one of my favorites because I think we all know a coffee lover who would love and deserve this card.
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.09.54 PM


Okay to finish things off I had to get some cute stickers to put on the back of our envelopes. And after too many naptime hours spent perusing the Minted site I finally placed my order. OMG I want one of nearly everything.

What are you favorite Valentine Card sayings? Do you like something simple, classic or maybe just a little cheesy? I personally like a little bit of both depending who is receiving the card.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a promo code to purchase a portion of our holiday cards and gifts purchase fromminted. As always all opinions are our own. Screenshots shared with permission.

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