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We have been stuck at home for the past week with the plague. Okay that’s a bit dramatic but yes we are going through the fun cycle of sickness. Edith was sick with something I am guess was viral and had a low grade fever for a few days and now is just showing cold symptoms. Of course that means the rest of us are now starting to get sick as well. I’d say Alder is sick because of all of the snotty kisses from Edith and Neil and I are sick from the snotty kisses and the fact that we have probably had a combined 20 hours of sleep in the past 7 days.

In spite of all the sickness we decided that we all needed to get out of the house this weekend and enjoy the sun and fresh air. For those few hours that we found ourselves out of the house we had a really nice time and we seemed to forget about the sickness, at least until Edith decided to wipe her nose on my arm. Now we are back in the sickness groove – one I hope we fall out of by the end of the week. I am hoping for clear skies, sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend so that we might once again spend it at the park.

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  1. MOM

    Sorry to read that you guys have all been sick. It is going around everywhere here too. We have had our
    share of sickness this winter and everyone around us. I am hoping it is over soon. Looking forward to
    Spring. These are really cute pictures of the kids. Miss you and can’t wait to see you all. Get Well soon.
    Love MOM

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