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We tend to be a fairly active family or at least we try to be so when it came to gear that made our “must have” list for baby #2 a BOB Dualie was at the top of the list. You might be saying but don’t you have the Orbit double stroller as well? Well yes we do but this stroller is completely different and used for an entirely different purpose. The BOB is the stroller we take out for family walks on the bike path or nature paths and the stroller I take on a run – these are two things that our Orbit just isn’t great for.

Since we already owned a single BOB (you can read my post about that here) and loved it so we knew we would also love a double and we do. We chose to go with the BOB Revolution Flex Dualie because we love or single Revolution so it only seemed natural. One feature we didn’t love with our single though was that you couldn’t adjust the handle bar and that is where the Flex comes in – it has a 9-position adjustable handlebar which makes it customizable to both our heights and makes running with a double BOB easier.

So you might be wondering do you actually run with the BOB Dualie? Yes and No. When I am not taking a break from running due to minor knee pain (working with a physical therapist right now) I do run with it because otherwise I don’t have a lot of opportunities to get in a run. Neil doesn’t run with the BOB at all. I wish I could say that I love running with the Dualie just like I did with our single but I don’t. I don’t hate it but it is super hard; extra weight + postpartum running + needing to use two hands to push = super hard. While it is super hard I am still doing it and when I am not running we are getting out for almost daily walks with the Double – although right now we need a new tube for our tire. Side note we had the same issue with one of the tires on our single that it keeps losing air – anyone else experience this?

Overall thoughts: We love our BOB Revolution Flex Dualie and it is absolutely worth the investment. While it can be a challenge to run with that is really more about the weight of your children and fitness level as well as the course you are running. As for walking it’s a breeze and is actually really run to push. We purchased a carseat/snack tray add-on so that we could use the Dualie with both kids before Alder was big enough to ride in the seat and we also purchased a drink caddy <– a must have IMO. Side note did they change the drink caddy drink holder size? They seem to be significantly deeper than the one we have for our single and thumbs up to that!!  One down (about accessory only). I wish that carseat/snack tray adapter could be used without a carseat in it because Edith loves the snack tray but Alder is no longer using a carseat in the BOB so I guess we will try to sell it so we can buy a double snack tray.

Do you have a BOB? What do you think of it? Which model do you have and why? 

Wondering which model is right for you BOB has this nifty quiz you can take.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a BOB Revolution Flex for review purposes. (Side note we would have purchased this stroller ourselves if we had not been gifted one). We were not required to write a positive review and we did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. We purchased the carseat add-on and handle bar caddy ourselves.

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