Earth Day 2015 | Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge

Most Wednesday’s we drop Neil off at work in the morning and instead of heading home we head out on a nature adventure. This week we headed to Sherwood, Oregon to the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. I had originally heard about this spot from a friend who came across their preschool program called puddle stompers. This past Wednesday just happened to be Earth Day which made it even more perfect for us to spend some time in nature. Scroll to the bottom to see a photo of our little adventure or just keep on reading.

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-cleanshoes Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-selfie Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-BridgeRun


Edith had a blast walking the trail, running across the rickety bridge and she loved throwing grass in the river aka her new favorite thing. The path at the refuge is well maintained and is perfect for toddlers which makes my life easier when I am out with both kids. You are just surrounded my trees and greenery and there is the river and we saw lots of birds but no other wildlife – I guess we will have to return!

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-Pano RiverEarth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-The River is the Lifeblood of the Refuge  Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-pano refugeEarth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-Snack

We ended our adventure with snacks on the bench over looking the wildlife refuge. Before heading home we popped inside to check the space out and found a really discovery room. Edith and Alder loved exploring it. We were a bit crunched for time so we only spent a few minutes exploring but we will be back to check it out again and to do another nature walk soon.
Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-PanoDiscoveryRoom

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