Snack Date | 3 | RAWR BARS & Mamma Chia


We took snack date #3 outside and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. We enjoyed a hilly walk through Cooper Mountain Nature Park and then ended our adventure with a snack date at the playground located at the park. Our two biggest littles walked the entire time so they had worked up quite the appetite by the time we were through.

Snack Date - RAWR Bar Super Sweet Potato

We started our snack date with these all natural fruit and veggie snack bars from RAWR Bar. They contain 1/2 serving of fruit, 1/2 serving of veggies, NO sugar added, NO preservatives and they are Gluten Free and Certified Vegan. It’s hard to find a lot of bars these days that don’t have added sugars and aren’t just all fruit. I love that these sneak in a little bit of veggies because even the tot who eats everything has their days (weeks, months) when they get a little picky.

Snack Date - RAWR Bar beet

The girls each enjoyed one of the snack size packets before coming back to ask for more and more again. I guess you could say that they were over well. They didn’t seem to prefer a flavor over another so I would say that makes these a winner! I personally loved the very berry kale and Alder was a fan of the super sweet potato.

Snack Date - RAWR Bar

Once the girls had tired themselves of RAWR Bars they moved on to a staple in our house – the Chia Squeeze from Mamma Chia. I tell you I’m not surprised that Edith hasn’t turned into a chia seed by now. She has been loving these for two years now and if we are out of them at our house….well let’s just say there are a lot of toddler meltdowns.

Snack Date - mamma chia

snack date - mamma chia - cooper mountain snack date - mamma chia alder

So you know that these are already a winner or rather essential in our house so we were thrilled to share them with our friends. Now this was the true test what would K think? K isn’t always the biggest fan of squeeze packets but she sucked the Strawberry Banana flavor back and then asked for a second one. Unfortunately I only brought three and Alder was busy trying the Mango one before his big sister decided to finish it for him. snack date - mama chia kate snack date - mama chia


Verdict: Both snacks were hits! I personally loved them as well and Mamma Chia are one of my favorite pre/post workout snacks. I love how portable both of these snacks are to take with us to the park, the beach or to simply stock in the diaper bag for one of those inevitable hangry moments.


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  1. LOVE Cooper Mountian. Its where my husband proposed! Looks like a yummy snack you’ve discovered for the kiddos too. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

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