Spring Cleaning With CloroxⓇ Triple Action Dust Wipes

While cleaning hasn’t always been my favorite chore, it’s become even more of a burden since having kids. Between picking up clothes, toys and finding food in weird places, all of the fine details of cleaning the house tend to fall by the wayside. While we do recognize the importance of taking the time to wipe down the mirrors, mop the floor and dust the furniture, finding time can prove to be nearly impossible.

However, with the seasons changing, we’re leaping into spring cleaning season. Between a winter’s worth of hibernation and the extra dust and pollen that comes with allergy season, our family is feeling compelled to declutter, organize and give all of those forgotten nooks and crannies the attention they’ve been


One of our favorite discoveries lately has been CloroxⓇ Triple Action Dust Wipes. These dry, non-abrasive wipes work great to dust our furniture, TVs and counters. And even better, it only takes one wipe to do an entire room! Gone are the days of using half a package of wipes just to clean your window sills. Having issues with allergies and dry eyes as well as roaming infants and toddlers has made keeping these surfaces clean a priority. And because they’re not abrasive, the CloroxⓇ Triple Action Dust Wipes work wonders when wiping down the dust that’s built up on our TV, picture frames and full length mirror without leaving a scratch or smudge.

And while Alder’s still too young, Edith loves to help with picking around the house. And Lindsay and I both realize that we need to jump at that opportunity to involve her while she’s still young and have her contribute while having us set a positive example. And sure, she may play with the items she’s been tasked with putting away instead of finding homes for them. But it’s clear to all of us that we are more comfortable and happy in a clean, healthy home. Involving Edith has also made it easier to find the time to fit cleaning into our busy schedule.

What are some of your favorite time-saving cleaning tips?

This post is sponsored by Clorox—helping you clean on the go for a happier home.

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