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Cooper Mountain  Naturally FamilyCooper Mountain - view pano
This post is long over do but a few weeks ago we (finally) visited Cooper Mountain. We have lived in the area for over two years now and it wasn’t until April that we finally made it to this really great nature park. We lucked out it and it was a beautiful sunny day for a nature walk.Cooper Mountain - Edith
We were joined by our friends K, K, & L which always makes a nature walk more fun. Cooper Mountain is made up of a number of short paths that connect together allowing you to create your own nature walk.Cooper Mountain - eidth and kate
Cooper Mountain - nap
We ended up choosing a bit of a longer path and well Edith decided that she needed a bit of a break. Cooper Mountain - Play Structure

Once we made it back to the top of Cooper Mountain we stopped by the playground for a snack and a little bit of playtime before heading back for lunch.

Snack Date - Snack Out Loud Foods Snack Date - Snack Out Loud Foods Crunchy Bean

See our full snack date post here. 


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