Snack Date | 4 | Space Suits, Super Snacks & Slammers

Space Edith

It’s time for another snack date! This one is brought to you from the K & E Space Station. No but really aren’t these two just so cute with their “space helmets” and tutus on?

Space Kate Space Date

Alder wasn’t sure what to think of the whole situation.

Space Date My Super Snack

Once our little astronauts got hungry it was time for the weeks snack. This week they enjoyed some Organic Slammers flavor Awesome. Long before snack dates I had been buying these for E when I saw them on sale at Target. These snacks are perfect for kids, especially ones who are always on the go because they are filled with energizing fruit including acai. Acai is also a good source of antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats.Space Date organic slammers Space Date edith slammer

E was all over the slammers and she slammed two back and left one for K to enjoy at a later date. Space Date apple - My Super Snack

K on the other hand was much more interested in the MySuperSnack granola bites and she helped herself to a few of each flavor of the bites. These little bites are non-GMO, contain no preservatives and are filled with protein and fiber. The granola bites reminded me less of a traditional granola bar or granola and more like a cereal bar which I actually think is better for the tots- easier to eat. K seemed to agree because with a little help she finished off all three bags.

Space Date Kate - My Super Snack chocolate Space Date Snack - Slammer Space Date Kate - My Super Snack

While both girls decided to go a different direction with their snacking they both really seemed to enjoy their snacks. It’s funny how their tastes/interests in food change from week to week.

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