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This weeks snack date is a pretty special one that not only involves a park, a picnic and ice cream but it’s the first time in months that our three families were all able to get together. Most of our snack dates are just the moms and kids but this time the dads were able to join us as well. It’s always great when we can all get together. MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150883

For our snack date this week we had NadaMoo a coconut milk based frozen dessert. This was the perfect ice cream substitute for our group as some of us don’t do dairy and others don’t do tree nuts so a coconut milk base worked for all of us. Plus really who doesn’t love ice cream or non-dairy frozen dessert? MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150901

If you were directed here from Running With Tongs then you know that we received six flavors and that Neil and Edith got into the Cookies & Creme and I got into the Chocolate Almond Chip before we made it to the picnic. No worries though I think some of the best flavors were in these four cartons anyways.

These little munchkins seemed to enjoy themselves.MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150919MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150917

The adults seemed to as well. MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150914

Before spending some time rolling in the grass we took an informal poll (of the adults) to see how the flavors ranked. The top flavor was definitely the Maple Pecan and the very close second was the Mint Chip. The babies seemed to like the chocolate …that may have been because it was the least favorite of the adults and therefore there was some left at the end for them to taste. The kids didn’t really express any favorites but I noticed Edith finished off her Maple Pecan and Mint Chip and left most of the chocolate and vanilla – so I’d say she enjoyed those ones.

I was actually surprised that I even liked the Mint Chip.There was something just super fresh about the mint and I loved that it didn’t just have flecks of chocolate in it but rather mini chocolate chips. Mom K said that she isn’t usually into mint chip either but she really enjoyed it as well.

Over all the ranking of the four would go:

  1. Maple Pecan
  2. Mint Chip
  3. Vanilla
  4. Chocolate

I’d add the chocolate almond to my top three but the cookies and creme would go straight to the bottom for me.

MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150965MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150975MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150935After indulging in NadaMoo we took advantage of the sun, the grass and the time to just lay back and relax (as much as you can with babies and toddlers). We watched/played baseball, bubbles and even got to watch a train pass by our picnic site. We are looking forward to the summer and many more picnics together.

Side Note: Portland Area Friends NadaMoo is coming to New Seasons in June and Haggen this Summer!

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