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honest co 6 When I first heard about The Honest Company* I was a bit skeptical. I went through the process and got my free diaper and wipe samples and while I wasn’t a huge fan of he diapers I instantly fell in love with the thick cloth like wipes. Since I didn’t love the diapers I didn’t continue with a subscription even though I loved the wipes. A few months later I tried their Essentials Bundle free trial and I really liked the healing balm and the shampoo and conditioner. After that I decided that the $35.95 per month for the five essentials (including wipes!!) was a good deal so I became a subscriber. Fast forward two years and we are still subscribers and now Honest is finally available in stores so I can get wipes whenever I want! honestco rwt ig

One of the stores you can find Honest in is Whole Foods which is great if you’re like me and basically live there. Right now Whole Foods in the Pacific Northwest (and maybe other areas- let me know if you’re not from the PNW and have seen one at your store) are hosting Honest Pop Up Shops and with that you can chat with reps from Honest Co, the ones I met were super nice and informative and had a desire to hear your likes and dislikes. Not only can you meet some of the Honest team members but you also can save 30% off all Honest products which I have been informed is the best deal you’ll see in retail stores.

That being said I ended up picking up a package of diapers because while we try to cloth the majority of the time with two we do find ourselves turning to disposables about 40% of the time. I really wanted to give them another try as well. I also picked up wipes because, duh, I love them. I picked up a little hand sanitizer for the diaper bag because while I am not big into hand sanitizers sometimes it’s nice to use. I also decided to pick up the deodorant. Now I have been eyeing it every time I go to order my bundle since it’s been released but even with the 25% off I get for up to three add-on items I didn’t know if it was worth the cost. Well I finally bought it and I’m testing it out right now. In addition to what I purchased which for full disclosures sake I received a $20 Whole Foods gift card to go shopping with I also received the cute Honest Tote which you can buy online and I just love it and I received a travel sized healing balm and that super cute succulent.
Honest Co

Moving on from what I purchased at Whole Foods I also recently received our Essentials Bundle and I thought I would share that as well. We get our bundle every 6-9 weeks depending on what we need. When you go look at your bundle you can change the date and just keep pushing it out until you need your order which makes it really easy and I love that I don’t have to get a box every month. So this order I got:honest co 3glass+window cleaner: this is a new product for us and I haven’t used it yet.

multi-surface cleaner: this time I ordered just the concentrate since we already have a bottle we are finishing up right now.
honest co 4

4-in-1 laundry packs: because they are my favorite.

oxy boost: another item we order regularly because it works great.
honest co 2

wipes: duh.

bug spray: this was a new item that I ordered since we are doing a lot of camping this summer. I used to this past weekend and it seemed to work!

soothing bottom wash: since I’m too lazy to make my own cloth wipes spray I just use this and I think it works fine.

Do you use Honest products? What are you favorites?

11351310_10153257644442180_3216249455945366997_n Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.12.03 PM


Disclaimer: All links are affiliate links. If you decide to give Honest a try and want to click my link – thank you! Also I was provided with a $20 Whole Foods gift card and a few free products but I was not required to purchase any Honest products or write a review. As for the Essential Bundle we buy that with our own dollars. 


  1. Oh, thanks for this review! I’ve always wondered about The Honest Company. Sounds like you like the products. Now I have more to look into. 🙂

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