Edith Is Three.


I wanted to get this posted before too much time has passed but it seems that time just can’t be stopped and Edith has already been three for 12 days. In the past 12 days she has finally come around to being three but let me tell you I had no idea how traumatic it was going to be for her. She spent the first week telling us she “missed her two” and she was sad about being three. For a few days she was 2 years and 366 days, 367 days and so on but it seems that at 2 years 377 days she finally has come around to three.


Edith started her morning off with a donut and coffee before we headed to Bob’s Red Mill for a breakfast birthday party with a few of her friends. We are all about keeping birthdays pretty low key and we weren’t actually going to have a party until Edith insisted that we have one and that she have strawberry pie and rainbow ribbons (apparently this is a Daniel Tiger thing or a mash up a bunch of episodes). 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-12After Bob’s we headed back to our house to get packed up for camping – side note don’t wait to pack until just a few hours before need to leave. Before heading to the campground we made a quick stop at Whole Food’s to pick up ice and snack and Edith was so tired out from her day that she ended up falling asleep in the car add-on on the cart. I actually didn’t even realize it until a lady passed with her kids and told them to be quiet as they passed by.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-7Finally hours later we made it to the campground and Edith got her rainbow ribbons. We had dinner and Edith got her pie although I was a lazy mom and just bought her an apple pie instead of making a strawberry pie (in my defense she had only requested a strawberry pie the day before). We also were able to see a mother dear and her fawn – so over camping trip even if it was just a short one.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-6 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-5 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-2 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-3 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-1 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree

As for it being a short camping trip….Not to be a downer but this camping trip didn’t quiet go as we had expected because we didn’t bring water (there is usually potable water at the park but they had just cleaned their pipes so no water), we forgot an entire bag of cooking supplies, Alder had a rough night of sleeping and I ended up pinching a nerve. So we ended up only staying for one night but it was still a great time and we got make a detour to Hood River for the day and meet up with friends for dinner on the way home.



  1. I love the photo of 2-years-377-days-Edith with her cup of coffee. 😉 Looks like you made the most of the camping trip despite the setbacks!

  2. Oh my gosh she is just too cute.I love that she missed her twos! My kiddo was in here while I was reading this and he loved every photo and is now getting very excited for his own upcoming birthday. 🙂 We are going camping soon and now I’m adding water to our list just in case! Thanks for that!

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