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Le Lait Baby - Alder - 3

When we were pregnant with Edith we were on the lookout for cute, modern and gender neutral clothes but it seemed everywhere we went all we could find were blue or pink clothes or yellow with ducks. Basically we couldn’t find anything that we really liked and wound up picking up a lot of white onesies, some greys and browns and we ended up being gifted some of those dreadfully yellow and white with duck rompers (sorry to those who gifted them!)

Le Lait Baby - Alder

When pregnancy came around a second time and once again we chose not to find out the sex we ran into the same problem again. This time however we knew we were having a summer baby and just like Edith, our first summer baby, we ended up realizing that these babies don’t actually wear a lot of clothes so instead of stocking up on boring old white onesies and the ugly ducklings (we hadn’t planned on baby #2 so all of Edith’s baby stuff was gifted away) we just waited until after the birth to buy anything.

The thing is I never realized how much I actually needed to prepare for baby by purchasing them clothes before they were born. With Edith I just felt frustrated and we ended up just getting stuff because we felt like we had to. With Alder we basically didn’t do any preparation before he arrived and it made the whole pregnancy feel a little less exciting. Now if only Le Lait Baby could have existed before both of my kids were born.

Le Lait Baby - Alder - 6

Le Lait Baby was created by two childhood friends who just like myself ran into the problem of not being able to find cute, trendy clothes for their kids that were also comfortable. Besides creating clothes made of seriously the softest fabric they also have created a completely gender neutral line (!!!) I know who else is excited?

Le Lait Baby - Alder -12

Le Lait Baby’s gender neutral line features trendy, modern and comfortable clothes for little boys and girls. They have everything from rompers, to onesies, to separate tops and bottoms and even accessories for the super trendy baby out there. Their line runs from 03-06 months to 18-24 months and I am hoping that maybe one day they will come out with a toddler line because my three year old was a little jealous of her baby bro’s super cute Single Milk Drop Sleep and Play romper.

So whether you are on the lookout for gender neutral baby or simply really beautiful baby clothes and accessories for your little one or for the next baby shower you attend look no further because Le Lait Baby has you covered.

Disclaimer: Le Lait Baby provided us with Alder’s romper. We received no compensation for this post. 


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