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2015_05_27_Howell Territorial Park-signHere I am once again catching up on posts from adventures we have taken over the past few months. This time it was a trip to Howell Territorial Park on Sauvie Island.

2015_05_27_Howell Territorial Park-house

This was one of those adventures that I honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. All I knew was that there was an old house, an apple orchard and some trails to walk on. 2015_05_27_howell territorial park-group Things started off pretty well until we started to look for a trail to walk. The trail we found was covered in hay and for out littles it wasn’t the easiest to walk on. Edith had on sandals and after awhile we realized that maybe this nature walk just wasn’t the right fit for us. We never real found a good trail and in the end the overgrown grass was too much for everyone. So we decided that heading back to the picnic tables for a snack and running around was a better idea.2015_05_27_Howell Territorial Park-edith

For this snack date we had Matt’s Munchies fruit snacks. These are basically fruit leathers but in little squares which make them easier and more fun to eat. Now this wasn’t my first time enjoying Matt’s Munchies but it had been years so I was excited to try them again.
2015_05_27_Howell Territorial Park-snacks

I tell you they were even better than I had remembered. We all were pretty hungry so we ended up trying every flavor. While we really enjoyed most all of them the ones that stood out were the Island Mango (coconut and mango), Banana Coconut and Banana were the hands down favorites. The only two flavors that weren’t popular with the adults or littles were the Mango Acai and the Mango Ginger, however if you are a big fan of ginger or are looking for a tummy tamer the mango ginger would be perfect for you. Overall Matt’s Munchies was a snack date winner! 

2015_05_27_howell territorial park3

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