Evening Walks & Rockin’ Baby Sling

Rockin' Baby Slings -4

One of the things that most appealed to us about our new neighborhood is the walkability. Three to four evenings out of the week we eat dinner and then make our way outside for a family walk. We stroll through the neighborhood stopping to check out plants and chat with neighbors. We often walk just for the pleasure of getting outside together and other times we stop into the local grocery store to pick up a kombucha or a treat. If we are feeling particularly crazy we head down for a scoop of vegan coconut milk ice cream.
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Whether we walk to a particular place or just head out for a stroll we really love soaking up the family time together. Sometimes the kids like to talk or ride their bikes but most nights they snuggle up in a carrier and I have to say that is my favorite time because there is nothing better than baby/toddler-wearing especially at the end of the day.

Rockin' Baby Slings

Lately we have been rockin’ this beautiful floral Rockin’ Baby Sling on our (almost) nightly walks. I have to say that this print while floral makes swoon when my hubby wears it. I mean I think he looks pretty great in floral. Rockin' Baby Slings -6

I have to say this sling is one of my favorites for back carry and Edith loves riding in it on the back as well. The fabric is super soft, and the sling is just beautifully made. Both kids feel safe, secure and supported all things I personally look for in a carrier. I also love that it has an extra little pocket for my keys and some cash.

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Another reason I love Rockin’ Baby is because for every sling you buy one is also donated to a mother in need in Hati or Kenya. I mean how can you not love a company that allows you to give back with every purchase. A beautiful sling for you and a beautiful sling for another mama.

Thank you Rockin’ Baby for making this post possible!

Do you have a nightly tradition? How do you unwind at the end of the day?

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