1. Mom

    Like the pictures of the trip to Bend. We really enjoyed the trip with you all. The kids were really fun. Can’t wait to do something like this again.
    Love mom Grammy

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about Bend. We even drove through the area last week on our Spring Break trip, but we stayed and played in Sisters instead. I had no idea Bend was so populated. There are a lot of folks out there!

  3. […] We got to Smith Rock State Park and it was actually quite packed with hikers, rock climbers and fellow sightseers. While I would have liked to have gone for a hike my parents were with us and they are not the hiking types. That didn’t stop us from finding a flat path to walk around although I spent most of my time holding my breath as I watched people (both big and super little) propelling themselves off the side of the rock cliffs. When I wasn’t holding my breath I was telling Neil to step away from the edge. Something I never thought I would have to say because he used to be petrified of heights and ledges. Looking back it was quiet a stressful visit! [you can find more photos here.] […]

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