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Happy Friday! Who is ready for the weekend? To be honest I only know it’s Friday because we have our first date night since baby arrived. Oh and yes if you haven’t heard the news already via our Instagram and/or Facebook we had a baby! Ingrid Rose joined our family earth side on June 26th in the comfort of our living room with big sister and brother, our beloved babysitter (so thankful she could be there to help with the E&A) and our amazing midwife team.

Beyond date night tonight this weekend is about catching up on the mountain of laundry and dirty dishes we have accumulated and spending some time together as a family. We have been doing our separate thing for the most part since I’ve been focused on healing but now that I am feeling up to it we are getting a bit back to normal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these little things I have found this week while spending hours nursing.

Weekend Links

Since we have spent the last 2+ weeks either healing in bed or chasing a 5 and 2 year old we still don’t have a lot of the baby things on our list so I’m hoping that I’ll win this amazing giveaway.

Anyone else feel like they are constantly having power struggles with their kids? We are working on reducing them and this post has really helped us re-think how we interact.

Speaking of parenting I hear the Danish have it down to an art so I purchased this book to read – I’ll report back once I’ve read it.

We have our first little family getaway planned at the end of the summer and I’m thinking that this cot would be perfect for Alder.

Local to the Portland area? This story time is worth the trip.

Share a link in the comments to something that caught your eye this week!

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